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An FSEM Project

A Brief History of DnD

Who are the Creators-

Dave Arneson and Gary Gygaz

Orignal rules based off Chainmail

Chainmail was also a game made by Gary Gygaz

Stood out because you developed a single character

Most games at the time involved the player fighting as a unit of soldiers instead of developing a single character.

Why is it Cool?

It’s Fun


Play through Fantasy Realm

Complete Battles and Heists

Game Really of Your Own Making

Involves a lot of Creativity

Storyline and characters allow players to take the game in many directions as long as the DM, or Dungeon Master allows it.

Not too Mainstream…yet

More on this topic later

Number of controversies surrounding it, making it seem somewhat rebellious

Such as the 1980’s Moral Panic when the game became associated with things such as witchcraft and satanism due to the magic and demons within it.

Constant New Content

DnD is constantly releasing new content, which keeps the game fresh and cool.


There are preset rules, but they can vary depending on what you, the player, or DM want

Equipment and a Concern

Note: One may have forgotten the D 8 in the video.

Is it becoming Mainstream?

Kids from Stranger Things playing DnD
Picture of Stranger Things from Nerds on Earth

Picture of DnD nerds

Growing Popularity

Stranger Things

Features main characters who play DnD and even opens with a session of DnD.

DnD nerds

DnD nerds found at the UMW campus and at a dollar store as shown in the picture above.

Guardian News Article

As talked about in class when something is mainstream enough to be picked up by a news outlet it automatically loses coolness points.

Time is running out

In the end, DnD might not be cool for much longer. However, it may cycle back to being cool again once it definitely makes its way through being mainstream and remnant culture.

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