Leadership Lousia Article

A freelance article I wrote for Lake Anna Connections. It talks about the program Leadership Lousia.

FRED Bus Article

The article New Bus, Same Old Problems: FRED Bus Still Unreliable Mode of Transportation after Rebrand was an opinion piece written for the University of Mary Washington newspaper, The Weekly Ringer.

Article about the UMW Speaking and Writing Center

This was an investigative journalism piece originally written for a class and then later published in the Weekly Ringer. It includes details about

Omeka Guides

For my job at the University of Mary Washington’s Digital Knowledge Center, I wrote two guides around the software that is Omeka.

The first details the installation of Omeka. This included things like downloading Omeka to a domain, how to create a login, and how to add plugins and themes to an Omeka site.

The second of the guides detailed troubleshooting Omeka. This guide identified common issues with Omeka, such as images not appearing, and provided information about how to fix them.